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expand Repository of Professional Development Information

Creation of Repository of ASD Professional Development Opportunities

The Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) is in the process of compiling information about professional development opportunities related to autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  The purpose of this effort is to enable the LDE to provide guidance on available training offerings, including specifics about content, format, presenter qualifications, training objectives, etc.  This information should help districts and individuals chose professional development that is targeted to meet their professional growth needs.  To this end, the LDE is seeking input from both professionals and family members on the topic.  Please review the information below to see how you can submit information to support this initiative.


ASD Workshop Information

Please assist us in gathering information about training offerings related to ASD issues available to school personnel in our state by completing this form (click here) on training offerings you have attended or presented.  These offerings can be face-to-face or internet-based presentations or courses.    You may mark as non-applicable (n/a) any requested information that does not pertain to the event or leave blank what you do not know.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.  If you are submitting information pertaining to an event in which you were a participant, please also complete the evaluation form provided here (click here).



expand July 2011 Pupil Appraisal Institute
expand July 2010 Annual Pupil Appraisal Summer Institute- Focus on Autism

In July 2010, the Louisiana Department of Education, along with the subcommittee on Identification and Evaluation of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders of the State Autism Team, presented a two-day training on how to implement the procedures in Bulletin 1508, the Pupil Appraisal Handbook. Click on the items below to access the materials from the event.   

expand The Louisiana Autism Quality Indicators for Schools
expand User’s Guide to Louisiana Autism Quality Indicators for Schools
User’s Guide to Louisiana Autism Quality Indicators for Schools This document serves as a companion to the Louisiana Quality Indicators for Schools.  Information is provided on the structure and use of the indicators for programs servings school-age students with autism spectrum disorders.
expand Louisiana Skill Comptencies (Autism)
expand On-Line Modules

Autism Internet Modules

The Autism Internet Modules chart (click here) provides links to on-line modules which can be used for professional development purposes related to the instruction and support of students with autism spectrum disorders.  This chart can serve as a tool for educators, related service providers, school administrators, and family members who wish to improve their knowledge and skills related to serving these students.


Included on this chart are the Louisiana Department of Education funded LASARD (Louisiana Autism Spectrum and Related Disabilities) Project modules.  These modules focus on issues related to students with autism and other disabilites.  All modules have a pre- and post-test, and CEUs are available after completion of a module.   These modules are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.  To access these modules, go to


The LASARD module topics are as follows:

  • Transition Practices for Students with ASD
  • Behavior Intervention Practices for Students with ASD and Related Disabilities
  • Inclusive Practices for Students with ASD and Related Disabilities
  • Social Skills Instruction for Students with ASD and Related Disabilities
  • Environmental Supports for Students with ASD and Related Disabilities
  • Assistive Technology for Students with ASD and Related Disabilities
  • Communication
  • Collaboration & Teaming


expand Autism Professional Development
expand Asperger's Syndrome - PowerPoint Presentation
The Powerpoint file located at the link below provides a one-hour voiced over presentation on the topic of Asperger's Syndrome.  Included are the following topics:  educational programming issues (including gifted education), medical/diagnositc information, and content related to assessment.